Magnetic Refrigeration for Quantum Applications

16:00 - 18:00
Leibniz Rechenzentrum
Boltzmannstra├če 1, 85748 Garching, Germany
Seminarraum 1
Dr. Felix Rucker
Product General Manager, kiutra GmbH

Felix Rucker received his diploma in physics from the Technical University of Munich. During his PhD, he worked on low-temperature properties of magnetic materials, in particular he focused on quantum critical behaviour and emergent phenomena under extreme conditions. He received his PhD in 2018 for his work on the transverse susceptibility of complex magnetic textures. He continued as a post-Doctoral researcher before joining kiutra in 2019 as a product manager. Today he coordinates all product development efforts at kiutra to support the scientific community and the emerging quantum technology industry by providing easy-to-use cooling equipment built upon magnetic refrigeration.


Quantum technologies promise to solve some of the most pressing problems of our time, e.g., with quantum computers or enhanced quantum sensors. Because of the sensitivity of most quantum mechanical systems regarding thermal excitations, cryogenics are a key enabler for the second quantum revolution to come. While helium-3-based dilution refrigerators represent the state-of-the-art platform for operating quantum systems at a few mK, they face serious challenges in complexity and scalability. On the other hand, less established cooling techniques, particularly magnetic cooling, have great potential to speed-up the development and facilitate an industrial adoption of quantum technologies. In the talk, I will present our recent developments in adiabatic demagnetization refrigeration for quantum technologies and discuss their advantages, disadvantages, and perspectives.

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