Dr. Alexander Glätzle

CEO and Co-Founder

Alexander Glätzle obtained his doctoral degree from the University of Innsbruck in Theoretical Quantum Physics. During this PhD in the group of Prof. Peter Zoller he studied ultracold atoms and molecules in the context of quantum simulators. He was awarded the "IQOQI Thesis Prize" of the Austrian Academy of Sciences for the best dissertation in the field of quantum physics. After his PhD he was engaged as a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford and the Center for Quantum Technologies in Singapore where he studied ultracold Rydberg atoms in the context of quantum annealing and quantum computation. He left academia 2018 and joined a leading European consulting firm where he was part of the Quantum Technologies and Applied Blockchain Team, providing future-proof solutions for the banking and manufacturing industry. In 2022 he joined planqc as CEO and Co-Founder building a quantum computer based on neutral atoms.

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