Be on the Cutting-Edge of High-Performance and Quantum Computing!

We’re looking for great people to add their knowledge and know-how to the challenging and important work we do building up the next-generation of quantum systems and quantum-accelerated supercomputing.

Check out our open positions. If you think you’re a good fit, but don’t see a perfect fit, just ping us with your CV and a cover letter telling us what you can do! We’re listening!


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So what’s in it for you with Q@LRZ?

  • Ample room to contribute and implement your own ideas on an exciting and important mission. We want your big brain and great ideas!
  • Knowing your work makes a real impact to the future of quantum and supercomputing  This is not an empty slogan! You’ll see your contribution in action.
  • On-premise access to multiple, cutting-edge quantum computers, HPC testbeds and large-scale supercomputers. We work with multiple vendors, giving you a rare, broad view of the field 
  • Substantial, stable financial backing for projects, No worries about scrounging for funding. You do your research and development; we take care of the rest. 
  • Direct-line leadership fully committed to your growth and advancement. On the Q-Crew at LRZ, you WILL grow and advance your skills – really no other choice! 
  • LRZ is an organization with an open-door mentality and greatly values your contribution to our common success.
  • Easy pathway, and time, to pursue a PhD aligned with your work, if not already acquired 
  • Strong connection with academia and opportunities to mentor/teach if interested 

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