Be on the Cutting-Edge of High-Performance and Quantum Computing!

We’re looking for great people to add their knowledge and know-how to the challenging and important work we do building up the next-generation of quantum systems and quantum-accelerated supercomputing.

Check out our open positions. If you think you’re a good fit, but don’t see a perfect fit, just ping us with your CV and a cover letter telling us what you can do! We’re listening!

We're Hiring! Join Us!

We have positions to fill! From compiler engineers, software developers, hardware administrators and many things in between, check out out listings at

So what’s in it for you with Q@LRZ?

  • Ample room to contribute and implement your own ideas on an exciting and important mission. We want your big brain and great ideas!
  • Knowing your work makes a real impact to the future of quantum and supercomputing  This is not an empty slogan! You’ll see your contribution in action.
  • On-premise access to multiple, cutting-edge quantum computers, HPC testbeds and large-scale supercomputers. We work with multiple vendors, giving you a rare, broad view of the field 
  • Substantial, stable financial backing for projects, No worries about scrounging for funding. You do your research and development; we take care of the rest. 
  • Direct-line leadership fully committed to your growth and advancement. On the Q-Crew at LRZ, you WILL grow and advance your skills – really no other choice! 
  • LRZ is an organization with an open-door mentality and greatly values your contribution to our common success.
  • Easy pathway, and time, to pursue a PhD aligned with your work, if not already acquired 
  • Strong connection with academia and opportunities to mentor/teach if interested 

The nuts and bolts...

  • We want you to bring your best self to your work and come rested and balanced:
    • 6 weeks paid vacations per year (24. dec + 31. dec additionally day off + 12 bank holidays)  
    • Overtime work is compensated by additional time off 
    • Paid sick leave
  • We want you to have a rich life outside your job;
    • Paid parental leave
    • Possibility of full and part time opportunities 
    • Option for 3 days home office
  • We want to make sure your talent continues to grow with us:
    • Individual support for in-service training and further education 
    • Udemy courses, also for private use
  • We want to make it easy for you to work with us:
    • Public transport discount (job ticket), bus and subway on the doorstep, close connection to airport and city center
    • Free parking
    • State-of-the-art work equipment 
    • Very modern facilities and progressive work environment
  • We want you to feel your future is supported:
    • Public pension plan 
    • Robust regulations safeguarding employees and their rights in Germany
    • An active and supportive staff council
    • Fixed contract terms allowing you to plan around
  • We want you to be comfortable being your genuine self:
    • Smart, highly educated, motivated and fun teammates . Are you a tech geek or nerds? Welcome to the club here!
    • Mostly bilingual organization with the Q-Crew functioning fully in English. Don’t know German and worried about the language hurdle? We fully support navigating you through!
    • We are fiercely protective and respectful of all the unique parameters that make you YOU - like gender identification, religious and cultural background, physical and mental abilities – and value the perspective you bring.

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Leibniz Supercomputing Centre
of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities

Boltzmannstraße 1
85748 Garching near Munich

Phone: +49(0)89 - 35831 8000