We bring the quantum world to Bavaria!

BQCX attracts the brightest minds in quantum computing from Bavaria and the world.

Coming together, we discuss what we need to advance current capabilities and what we must do to truly harness the power of quantum acceleration as the technology continues to evolve.

Founded in July 2019, we’ve welcomed leading experts from companies including IBM, Google, Rigetti, Intel, Cambridge Quantum Computing, Strangeworks, IQM and Quantum Brilliance.

We heard from our Bavarian academic researchers at TUM, WMI, LMU, Uni BW and Hochschule München on their activities and research directions.

And we’ve gained global insights from industry analysts like Hyperion Market Research on where the tech is going and what’s coming next.

Every month, we come together to highlight some facet of the quantum computing world in order to spark conversation and collaboration.

We welcome speakers from the global quantum community that can offer insight and expertise, and who would like to engage the rich Bavarian quantum computing community.

Our members come from quantum computing and supercomputing (HPC and AI) fields. While they range from early career students through seasoned institution leadership, the technical level of the community is high.

We do not accept sales pitches.

If you’re interested in presenting, please contact Laura Schulz at bqcx@lrz.de

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Leibniz Supercomputing Centre
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